Noir Storm adventure game DEMO out now!

The team of Diskeletton Studios is proud to announce the release of a playable Windows DEMO after more than 16 months of work and 1000+ man-hours! 

You are more than invited to download and try it! Please don´t hesitate to let us know how you like it... we are constantly trying to improve upon and you feedback it´s of utmost importance to us.

Features for the DEMO are:

  • About 45min to an hour of Gameplay Time.
  • Full Voice Acting!
  • Clever puzzles and minigames!
  • A great narrative hook!

For Linux users: we hope to release a specific version for you soon! 

We hope you have fun playing the DEMO! If you want, you can show your support by donating whatever amount you feel is right or share the game with your friends, everything helps! 


NoirStorm_DEMO_Windows.rar 120 MB
Sep 14, 2021

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