A downloadable Point & Click game.


Point & Click Adventure Game with aesthetics and narrative inspired by Film Noir, real history and 90’s classic PixelArt adventures.


Buenos Aires, 1952. A private detective is intercepted by a spy who will drag him into a dangerous odyssey against the exiles of the Third Reich and a new and unprecedented weapon of mass destruction.


Embark on a journey through real locations and historical events throughout Argentina at the time.

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lo van a estrenar este juego al final?

Hola, si! El juego esta en desarrollo todavia. 


Great game, loved the dark atmosphere the voice acting and the story!!


Thank you so much, dear Sabrina ! 

An intriguing introduction to the world of Noir Storm. Sweet pixelart, a slower pacing but it works. Puzzles were pretty straightforward so I'm looking forward to seeing more of those. 


Really cool playthrough! Thanks, we hope you enjoyed! We are thrilled! 

Glad you liked it. Now... what are the chances that Martinez is still alive? 


He he, let´s say 50/50. You´ll have to play it on release, no spoilers .  

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Thanks for playing and the video! We hope you enjoyed it.